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12 May 2019 Genesis (Program #102)

Genesis (Program #102) – The Way to be Perfected as a Pillar

Today’s program is going to focus on some very practical and experience-oriented fellowship.  We’re going to get a personal testimony from Witness Lee regarding how the Lord called him to serve and some critical revelations and realizations that he received very early in his Christian life.  And we are going to hear several references to Witness Lee and his time with Watchman Nee in China.  For the benefit of those listeners that are not familiar with the Lord’s move in China in the first half of the century, we are going to say a short word.

23 Mar 2019 Genesis (Program #52)
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Genesis (Program #52) – Witness Lee Documentary (1905-1997)

Witness Lee, a prolific Christian teacher and writer, rest from his earthly labor and went to be with the Lord he loved on June 9, 1997.   He was 91 years old.   Witness Lee was a close co-worker of Watchman Nee in China and brought his ministry to the United States in 1962.  For the next one half hour, we will feature excerpt of a three-part memorial which took place between July 3 and 9, 1997 in Orange County, California.  Part one of this memorial was attended by over 5,000 believers in Christ in 12 meetings over 6 days.  This gathering was a continuation of semi-annual Bible training initiated by Witness Lee over 20 years ago.  Ron Kangas of Living Stream Ministry opened the training to remember and memorialize the truth of Witness Lee’s ministry, has summarized in the last 11 points:

  • the apostle’s teaching
  • the New Testament Ministry
  • God’s economy
  • the Triune God
  • the all-inclusive Christ
  • the full ministry of Christ
  • the all-inclusive Spirit
  • the divine life
  • the Body of Christ
  • the practical expression of the church
  • the glorious New Jerusalem