07 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #6)

Leviticus (Program #6) – The Burnt Offering Christ for God’s Satisfaction (4)

The book of Leviticus is comprised of two main sections.  The first 10 chapters cover the offerings and the priesthood.  Chapter 11 through 27 cover the holy living of God’s holy people.  Today we are covering the offerings which are a picture of Christ to the Lamb of God, the fulfillment of all the offerings.  These pictures from the Old Testament are a great enlightenment and inspiration for us today.

Is the experience of Christ just a doctrine to you or do you actually experience Him daily as you go through the events of your life?  Well, if you have ever wondered if Christ to you can be more than a teaching then you will definitely like to stay with us for this life-study of Leviticus.  We want to focus on the practical experience of Christ.

It is so good to realize that not one of us is absolute for God.  We could never satisfy God but Christ Himself in every detail and aspect of His living is the true burnt offering and is the one who really satisfies God.  What a priviledge that we could hear about this dear One. Not only hear but identify with Him because today He is the life-giving Spirit and He is right within our spirit.  We could lay our hands in Him by exercising our spirit to be one with Him in saying “Oh, Lord I take you as my burnt offering”.  And all the details related to His being the satisfying burnt offering are transfered into us and brought into our experience…

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