17 Aug 2019 Exodus (Program #69)

Exodus (Program #69) – Sundry Ordinances of the Law

We are all familiar with commandments and ordinances.   It seems everywhere we turn, we’re met by these rules and regulations.  The same is true in the latter part of Exodus where we find many ordinances and commandments.  But have you ever seen the sweetness of these commandments of God?  You’d want to stay with us for today’s life study of the Bible, featuring the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

The genuine ministry of the New Testament is not a miraculous things produced in a short period of time.  It requires much preparation involving the cross, and the spirit in the context of proper Body life.  This comes to mind because the central human figure in Exodus is Moses.  We realize how extensive was the time given to his preparation.  This word preparation is rich in spiritual significance.  We are happy to enter into a fellowship that releases something that is backed by decades of spiritual preparation and a life time of studying the Bible, seeking the Lord, experiencing Christ and living the Christian life in the church life.

Our message today is going to be a spiritual treat for many of our listeners.  We are going to gain an entrance today, into the sweetness that’s evidence in the ordinances that were added to the commandments.  That may sound a little strange to combine those words, sweetness with ordinances and commandments…

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