24 Aug 2019 Exodus (Program #76)

Exodus (Program #76) – The Enactment of the Covenant (1)

The book of Exodus is a story of God delivering His people Israel out of bondage and slavery in Egypt. He led them from Egypt through the Red Sea and into the wilderness, where they wondered for forty years. God gave them the law, His commandments and the ordinances in this wilderness time. Was it His intention for them to just simply take the law that He has given and carry it out? Or did God first need to reveal Himself and His heart desire?  He rescue them, delivering them from their bondage in Egypt and brought them to the wilderness to have an intimate fellowship with Him.

One thing we realized on this trip that actually salvation is a journey. And all of us as believers, we’re on a spiritual journey. And actually God in Christ as the Spirit within us, He is journeying within us, He is imparting Himself into us, dispensing Himself into us. And He is leading us into more experiences of Him and into more enjoyment of Him.  We begin this trip by tracing the journeys of Abraham and then we went to Egypt and we follow the journey of Moses, all the way from his birth in Egypt to His being taken up by the Lord at Mount Nebo.  Now, we are here in Galilee, we are going to see the incarnated God carry out His major part of His ministry. The Lord is revealing more of Himself inwardly into us as we see these places together.

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