16 Apr 2019 Hebrews (Program #6)

Hebrews (Program #6) – So Great a Salvation

You have to look at Acts 7:56 where Stephen when he was being martyred, he looked up in the heavens and he said, “I see the Son of Man standing on the right hand of God”. Our Savior Christ in the victory of His resurrection today is in the heavens and on the throne of God. But is He there as God only or is He enthroned also as a man?   We will explore this profound item from the book of Hebrews on today’s life study of the Bible.

We’ve been given two keys in the early programs of our life study of Hebrews: (1) river-crossers; (2) seeing so great a salvation. What are these two keys about and how are they connected?

In order for us to understand the book of Hebrews, we need to look into the meaning of what it means to be a Hebrew. In Genesis 14:13, it says that Abraham was the first Hebrew. And then if we look at Exodus 9 verses 1 and 13, this tells us that God is the God of Hebrews. Now, the root of the word “Hebrew” means “to pass over”. What it means, strictly speaking, is to pass over a river, from one side of the river to another side of the river. So to be a Hebrew is to be a river-crosser. Abraham was the first river-crosser. If you look at Joshua 24 verses 2 and 3, these verses tell us that Abraham lived at one time in the land of Chaldea which is the land of idolatry. But he crossed over the Euphrates into the land of Canaan which is the land of the worship of God typifying the all-inclusive Christ as everything to us for our enjoyment and for our full salvation. Now how does this apply to us? Well it does apply – all of us Christians need to be the real Hebrews, we need to be the real river-crossers. We need to cross over out of the region of idolatry, out of the region of the ritualistic service of the Old Testament which can be religious forms, religious rituals, religious practices – anything of empty religion. We need to cross over the river into the land of the genuine worship of God, into the land of the all-inclusive Christ where we enjoy Him as everything so that we can be saved by Him in a full way, saved in His life. For us to be saved in His life is for Him to dispense Himself into us and sanctify us, saturating our whole being with all that He is to make us men of life. This is how we connect these two great keys: river-crossers and so great a salvation.

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