26 Apr 2019 Hebrews (Program #16)

Hebrews (Program #16) – Partners of Christ

As believers in Christ, we have a number of statuses – we’re the children of God, we’re the servants of God, we’re the disciples of Christ, we’re the sons of God, we’re members of Christ’s body and as we will see today, we are also partners of Christ. For God to accomplish His purpose requires the coordination and involvement of all three of the Godhead; but surprisingly, it also requires the involvement of Christ’s partners. Who are His partners?

It’s been wonderful to see both from Romans and now from Hebrews that we are Christ’s brothers, this is quite a realization to our Christian life. But today we find out that we are also His partners. Why does the eternal and all-powerful God need partners?

Though God is eternal and all-powerful, we must see also that He is very purposeful and He’s chosen to accomplish His purpose by His infinite wisdom. God’s intention was really with man even in eternity past. If you remember back in Genesis, it talks about God having a council saying “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”. When He first created man, His intention was to get into man, to be life to man – and therefore, He needs man. He needs these partners to carry out what He’s doing. God wants to express His deity in humanity. The Lord Jesus came as both a divine and human person. He has a divine nature and a human nature. This is because God has a purpose to accomplish and in accomplishing this purpose, it’s not just the one Jesus Christ as an individual on the earth that He wants to work through but He wants to work through millions of partners to carry out His eternal purpose. And therefore, even though man fell, became degraded, the God-man, Jesus Christ bore the sins away, solved the problem of sin and failure in the fall; and now, as the life-giving spirit in His resurrection, He as the God-man comes into humans who receive Him to make them like He is. This makes them partners together with Christ to carry out God’s eternal purpose. I hope that this kind of view might really penetrate into us because we need to see that we are not just the enjoyers of Christ but we are carrying out something for God’s eternal purpose. He needs partners who are both human and divine so that He can express Himself in a divine human way.

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