23 Nov 2020 Romans (Program #10)

Romans (Program #10) – The Result of Justification – The Full Enjoyment of God In Christ

There is nothing more welcome to a sinner’s ears than to hear that he has been forgiven of his sins and is justified before God. Today, you will hear some further marvelous results of justification.

In chapter 4 of Romans, there is this graphic example of justification made clear through the experience of Abraham.  Chapters 3 & 4 of Romans show us two aspects of justification.   Chapter 3 deals with an objective and positional justification which was accomplished by the death of Christ.   In chapter 4, we have the very graphic subjective and dispositional justification which is carried out by the resurrection of Christ.  This justification is God’s reaction to our faith and our faith is our reaction to God’s speaking into us.  And when that reaction takes place, it becomes our faith then our faith draws a reaction to God’s action in us. This justification is God’s reaction to our faith – that is, to our believing into the One who gives life to the dead and who calls not being as being – this One who was delivered for our offenses and was raised for our justification.   So, chapter 4 gives us an example of justification in a fuller sense.

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