08 Feb 2018 Romans (Program #11)

Romans (Program #11) – The Gift in Christ Surpassing the Heritage in Adam

We praise the Lord for His redemption, that He redeemed us judicially, but there is much more. He wants to save us day-by-day in His life by the dispensing of His life into us. This is the much more Christian life.  Our salvation begins with God forgiving us of all of our sins, but His full salvation includes much more than this. It includes His life freeing us from the power of sin.

This is a tremendous life-study because we move into a significant new section of Romans.  So far, we’ve seen God’s condemnation and His justification. The first few chapters of Romans unveil God’s condemnation on mankind generally, then on the self-righteous particularly, then we see His condemnation on the religious specifically, and finally on all the world totally. Because sin entered into man, man is under God’s condemnation. We need to praise the Lord that God became a man, and this man’s name was Jesus Christ. He went to the cross and died for our sins and He was raised from the dead. Now, when we believe in Him, we are justified by faith in Christ. To be justified is to be approved by God according to His standard of righteousness. Our righteousness is like filthy rags. We need Christ as our righteousness. When we believe into Him, He justifies us. How does He do this? He comes into us as the very righteousness of God so that we can be approved by God according to His standard of righteousness. We can’t be justified by works of law. We can only be justified by faith in the wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.

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