15 Apr 2019 Hebrews (Program #5)

Hebrews (Program #5) – Heirs of Salvation

So here in Hebrews we have Christ as the ladder, we have the joint heirs as the components of the house, and, we have the angels ministering to us as we are in the process of being brought into the glory of God. When we have all this, we have the gate of heaven.

Destiny is a concept that occupies many seeking people. As Christians, we may believe that our destiny is just to be saved. But Hebrews reveals that as saved ones, our destiny is to become joint heirs with Christ. We will explore our destiny and our inheritance on today’s life study of Hebrews.

We’re going to begin today’s message by seeing a comparison of Hebrews and Revelation – two books that are often avoided by many Christians. Why is it that many serious believers don’t like to get into these two books that deeply?

The reasons are slightly different concerning Hebrews and Revelation. Many are fascinated by Revelation first – the beasts, the horns, the bowls, the trumpets – these kind of peak one’s curiosity. But to get into the depths of the revelation of Christ in Revelation is difficult. And American Christians are not attracted to difficult things. Speaking frankly, they like easy sugar-coated teachings. And for that very reason, among others, Hebrews is often neglected. Hebrews is just plain difficult. The revelation is profound, the thought is profound – we need especially a seeking spirit if we would linger in this book. So these messages on Hebrews, although they’re presented to all the dear children of God, they’re really for the serious seeker. Hebrews is solid food. Solid food is not for babes, solid food is for those who are mature and who are maturing. And I have to speak plainly in the Lord’s presence – Hebrews and Revelation are both wonderfully focused on Christ. But it is rare to find seekers focused as Paul was on Christ. If we want to get into Hebrews we need to care very much for Christ. Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ. If we do not care for Christ, we will not care much for these books. But if the spirit of reality is awakening in us a fresh seeking after Christ and hunger to know Christ, these books will be found to be most precious in their marvelous unveiling of the all-inclusive Christ.

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