08 Aug 2019 Exodus (Program #60)

Exodus (Program #60) – The Blessing Received by the Loving Seekers of God Through His Law as His Living Word (2)

In the Bible, God promises many different blessings to His people. We may seek outward blessings of material prosperity or physical health. But of all the blessings He may bestow on us, the highest blessing is that He would become our portion. What is it to have God as our portion?

We return again today to the book of Exodus, the remarkable journey of God’s people out of the bondage of the worldly captivity and through the wilderness.  We are going to divert a little bit today specifically in this life study of Exodus and spend most of our time at Psalm 119. This psalm fits very well into this examination of the law of God that was given in Exodus. There’s no portion of God’s word that speaks so exhaustively and completely concerning the law of God in Psalm 119.

We’re going to begin today by considering the law or the commandments from the point of view of a testimony – a testimony of a person that gives or makes the law. What does it mean that the law of God shows us God?

The law of God in Exodus chapter 30 is called God’s testimony. When it was put on stone tablets it becomes tables of testimony. When they were put in the ark, it becomes the Ark of the Testimony and the ark was put in the tabernacle, it becomes the tabernacle of testimony. The word “testimony” means it testifies or tests to what God is. The idea is that by God’s law, He describes who He Himself was. The kind of law a person makes demonstrates what kind of person or being they are. So, God by revealing the law to Moses was a kind of love letter telling Moses and the children of Israel what kind of a wonderful person he was and the kind of person when expressed in humanity lives like this. It’s called the tables of testimony showing us what kind of God we have.

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